We Help to Implement vCita for Bloggers Very Fast

Implement vCita for Bloggers

I came across an amazing bit of online software called vCita.

Its Really vCita

This software is used to help with online client and contact management.

Capture more clients & streamline their dialogue with your team

Manage contacts, gain insights, track client interaction
Respond and follow-up using any device
Automate client communication, notifications & reminders.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.25.49

This is a vital bit of software for any internet marketer. it offers an array of features.

Online Scheduling

Allow clients to set and reschedule appointments anytime, from any device

Offer an online list of services, fees and scheduling options
Reduce no-shows by automating confirmations & reminders
Stay in-sync with your phone and existing calendar—Outlook, Google, iCal and much much more…

I was wanting this set up with my online blog  Here is where i came across my first hurdle. I have a great internet marketing friend of mine called Ricardo Penders. We got our heads together and brainstormed for a solution to my problem.

brain storm

If you can’t get over the hurdle then we thought why not go around it. So we looked into doing this and finding the work around solution.  After chatting back and forth through our connection on Facebook messenger. We eventually not only got around the problem of adding vCita to my blog, But we managed to find a source for the solution and make vCita fully online and functional onto my Blog Site for my potential clients.


Myself and Ricardo both have an amazing Online Community where we will be releasing the SOLUTION to our PROBLEM in a concise training PDF format file for any other wordpress bloggers wanting to add vCita to there wordpress site this will be released on……………..


4 thoughts on “We Help to Implement vCita for Bloggers Very Fast

    1. johndoc41 Post author

      This article is to let everyone know we can help them get more clients by implementing the online software vCita. This king of online software gives you your own online back office to let you schedule your appointments and calls. Let Ricardo and myself help you to install this to improve your business use the schedule buttons up to the right hand side of the page to talk to one of us for more information on this product.

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