eBay Listing Basics

Are you stuck in what to write on your eBay tile?

We have put a video here on this post to show you the basic instructions on the best way to get started on making your title. Remember always use strong keywords that you would probably type in the eBay search yourself to look for the item you are selling, keyword titles is king when it comes to getting high up in the eBay search also to achieve more views for your item.

Doing this will increase your views on the item your selling by vast amount giving you a better and higher selling point always make sure your pictures are also clear and try to add as many as you can. When saving your pictures for uploading to eBay try and name them the same as your eBay title this will also give your item a better ranking within the eBay auctions.

I also found in my experience that ending the auctions or buy it now prices at an evening time during Sunday on a weekend. Don’t ask me why its just what i have found personally to be the best ensuing time in my 8 years of selling through eBay.

When writing your advert always make it simple with clear strong keywords. If possible add your pictures within the descriptive advert also any you tube video you have made. If you find your product has been reviewed on you tube upload this to your eBay advert to make it even more professional looking as this will appeal more to any potential buyer as a video review of any product gives the buyer more insight to the knowledge of the product you are selling. I do this in many of my listings and have benefited from doing so on many occasions. Keep an eye out on my later blogs on how we do this.


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6 thoughts on “eBay Listing Basics

  1. pendersricardo

    I knew the importance of a blog and if you do a few things from the beginning the right way as we did today… just 3 new blog posts with a video a good amount of content (NO SEO OPTIMIZATION YET) I tried out a technique that isn’t black hat but it lays in the grey area and with putting this into work we already rank on Google SERP #1 in ONE DAY

    We will never share this to the general public because if we did that, it just stops working because the algorithm would pick up on that.

    Because I now know exactly how to do this and John also we will share this with you privately only if we work together to guarantee results in a very short amount of time and we have to sign a legal document that you will never share our technique with others. The fee for this special blog booster technique starts today at $2500 USD per year and we will drive up the price as we evolve in our business.

    We will not promote this to the mass, never! We will keep this a special for ever.

    This is not a completed system yet and John and I will have to work out all the hard things so you won’t have to do it yourself. So I recommend you to keep this warm if you think this is for you and as soon as we start with adding people to the list you have the opportunity to ride the wave with us.

    So, John… we have some work to do this week and the weeks coming ahead. We are going to take this to the next level


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    1. johndoc41 Post author

      Yes Ricardo, we can chat more on this tomorrow while I’am at my computer working on more quality content on eBay and drop ship with training and other subjects. We are making a good team and today was certainly very productive with the the building of the make money from eBay website and links we builts which again I appreciate we both benefit from. Until our online meeting tomorrow catch you later my good friend

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      1. johndoc41 Post author

        I have been busy today add a quick guide on how to set up an eBay account and also a PayPal account for the new members if they struggle in that area also updated my about me page to show me in a photo. Hopefully tomorrow we can have the chat on your ideas Ricardo today has ben a productive day for me with regards to adding content

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