We Help to Implement vCita for Bloggers Very Fast

Implement vCita for Bloggers

I came across an amazing bit of online software called vCita.

Its Really vCita

This software is used to help with online client and contact management.

Capture more clients & streamline their dialogue with your team

Manage contacts, gain insights, track client interaction
Respond and follow-up using any device
Automate client communication, notifications & reminders.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.25.49

This is a vital bit of software for any internet marketer. it offers an array of features.

Online Scheduling

Allow clients to set and reschedule appointments anytime, from any device

Offer an online list of services, fees and scheduling options
Reduce no-shows by automating confirmations & reminders
Stay in-sync with your phone and existing calendar—Outlook, Google, iCal and much much more…

I was wanting this set up with my online blog  Here is where i came across my first hurdle. I have a great internet marketing friend of mine called Ricardo Penders. We got our heads together and brainstormed for a solution to my problem.

brain storm

If you can’t get over the hurdle then we thought why not go around it. So we looked into doing this and finding the work around solution.  After chatting back and forth through our connection on Facebook messenger. We eventually not only got around the problem of adding vCita to my blog, But we managed to find a source for the solution and make vCita fully online and functional onto my Blog Site for my potential clients.


Myself and Ricardo both have an amazing Online Community where we will be releasing the SOLUTION to our PROBLEM in a concise training PDF format file for any other wordpress bloggers wanting to add vCita to there wordpress site this will be released on……………..


Deciding What To Sell On eBay

Probably the hardest thing for most people is deciding what they want to sell on eBay.

My suggestion is to start with everyday items you have around the house. If your family is anything, you have plenty of extra stuff stashed away in every nook and cranny. My wife and kids a car boot sale now for 5 years now, and all of that stuff is filling up the garage.
The kids have old toys, unused video games, Dvds and CD’s everywhere. Chances are many of those items are things other people will want.

Take a look at a few of them, and then search for them on eBay. It’s going to amaze you how much people are willing to pay for some old books or CD’s. Just because your kids moved up to newest greatest video game system doesn’t mean someone else out there wouldn’t be happy to have that old game console, especially if you could package it with five or ten games.Another advantage of starting out selling items you already have around the house is you can get started without investing a single penny. This way you can test the waters for free, and see for yourself, if selling on eBay is something you would like to pursue. If this is some that you like, then there is a possibility of taking your selling to whole new level. You can then start to dropship from other online reputable suppliers like Amazon and resell the items for profit through eBay.


The Wheel of Drop Shipping

The Wheel of Drop Shipping


Major couriers at discounted prices

eBay Listing Basics

Are you stuck in what to write on your eBay tile?

We have put a video here on this post to show you the basic instructions on the best way to get started on making your title. Remember always use strong keywords that you would probably type in the eBay search yourself to look for the item you are selling, keyword titles is king when it comes to getting high up in the eBay search also to achieve more views for your item.

Doing this will increase your views on the item your selling by vast amount giving you a better and higher selling point always make sure your pictures are also clear and try to add as many as you can. When saving your pictures for uploading to eBay try and name them the same as your eBay title this will also give your item a better ranking within the eBay auctions.

I also found in my experience that ending the auctions or buy it now prices at an evening time during Sunday on a weekend. Don’t ask me why its just what i have found personally to be the best ensuing time in my 8 years of selling through eBay.

When writing your advert always make it simple with clear strong keywords. If possible add your pictures within the descriptive advert also any you tube video you have made. If you find your product has been reviewed on you tube upload this to your eBay advert to make it even more professional looking as this will appeal more to any potential buyer as a video review of any product gives the buyer more insight to the knowledge of the product you are selling. I do this in many of my listings and have benefited from doing so on many occasions. Keep an eye out on my later blogs on how we do this.


Save up to 74% on parcel delivery

The Dream Team


Anyone interested in joining in the live google hangouts we do every week just hit us up on the link below. Here you will get a great insight in how we operate and provide the support you need to work from home. Below is an example of one of our Hang Outs 
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Have her gift delivered on the day

Ds Domination

Many people search for a program that will allow them to earn money even without recruiting other affiliates, and without putting thousands of dollars on different products’ purchases.
As we have seen over the last year, the problem with this kind of programs is that they don’t last for long and being shut down within a couple of months or changing their terms of agreement.
We know that many of you lost money with these programs so we have decided to add to our blog and review system programs and products that will allow you to make money without recruiting while maintaining stable status and low risk level.
Such a program is DS Domination. This is actually a network marketing program but in quite a unique way it allows us to make money from the product itself, without recruiting and without investing hundreds of dollars. In fact, this is the first time I know that many affiliates on our team have joined the program for the product itself with no intention of dealing with the networking system.
Ds domination program

The program has been put together by Roger Langille who has been creating a substantial income over the last 10 years by copying product info from one site to another.
He has been the top seller on Ebay where he was doing more than 7 figures a year!
How we make money?

The product is a high quality video course that teaches one of the most popular methods of eBay sales – dropshipping. The course teaches the method of buying low and selling high on eBay while the shipment and products’ handling is done by the supplier which we have purchased from.
With this method we practically don’t have to do anything; just find a product (following the course’s instructions) and copy paste the product’s photo, description and title to eBay.
You could probably agree that eBay and Amazon are not going anywhere soon and that is why I like this program so much; it gives tools and knowledge to be used immediately without relying on the program’s success or its stability.
The basic course is $20 a month which during it you will learn everything you need to know to start making money on eBay within a week.
There is also an option to upgrade your subscription and ease the tools access, websites and exclusive instructions which will significantly increase your sales. My recommendation though, is to start with $20 and only after you make some money start using it to upgrade.
Referral commission

Even though you do not have to refer other people to create a nice income with this particular program, if you do so you can earn a very nice residual income with the Unilevel that pays down 10 levels.
Earn 50% on Level 1
Earn 10% on Level 2
Earn 5% on Level 3
Earn 3% on Level 4
Earn 2% on Level 5
Earn 1% on Level 6 to 10
Again, recruiting is not necessary to start earning with this program. This is one of the few programs out there where they lead with the product/service rather than the comp plan.